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Fixing some problems, Q&A.

1) if you have problems with dmg mounting than check you have System.kext version - 8.9.1(from 10.4.9) , if you have 8.9.1 kernel installed
2) if you have in log something like: bad system call or mdnsresponser cycling then check you have installed r3d3.kext and permissions is ok.
to check r3d3 boot to single user mode (-s) then run
kextload -t /System/Library/Extension/r3d3.kext
see output to solve you problems, if it's permissions problems so try step 9 from guide
3) if you have kernel panic with acpi kext in it, so check you have 10.4.9 System.kext (see step 1)
and try different AppleACPIPlatform.kext
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Wilfred2 @ 19.03.2007 22:52 CET
Thank you. All Works. The Xbench is now 430 but the animations (dock, etc..) are very slow. Any idea? I put fsb=800 ¿is correct?
Colorless @ 20.03.2007 01:08 CET
To get the gma950 to work you need to copy the appleintelintergatedframebuffer.kext from the 10.4.8 system/library/extesions folder
netkas @ 20.03.2007 11:54 CET
Wilfred, no, use fsb=200
Carlos @ 21.03.2007 21:29 CET
Netkas, I've a question, after I installed MacOS 10.4.9 Combo (JaS Version), my animations, boot, etc. are so slow. Any ideas?
I put the fsb flag in 200
fsb=200, but I don't have performance.

Colorless @ 21.03.2007 22:10 CET
for the fsb take your speed eg. 533/4=133 so use fsb=133 or 800/4=200 so use fsb=200
Carlos A. Leguizamón @ 22.03.2007 01:36 CET
Colorless, my CPU is a Intel Core Duo 2.8Ghz 800Mhz FSB. and have this trouble.
netkas @ 22.03.2007 02:45 CET
Core DUo has 167 Mhz fsb, afaik
wilfred @ 27.03.2007 10:06 CET
Thank you. Now all OK.
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