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OSx86 Project sold-out - InsanelyMac sale, my 2 ct

Why do I and the other developer work on OSx86? Because we like the exploration of new things, possibilitys and finding solutions, because of the spirit of somthing called hacking. This is what we do. We all do it for free, for gaining wisdom and defeat challanges and lately to bring people to the ultiamte way in computing, OSX. I always refused to professional enviorments in any scene, to much profession make it business and worst if things aimed to make money come into play. But with the news item on insanelymac, which said it was for sale, I really got my belives I had prooven, named that ths scene has gone partly to beeing business a long time ago.

The auction text said 140$ a day (!) were made from the Ads on this site, this is like 50k $ a year. How many new projects, servers, opensource projects, incredible ideas and latly progress for the community could have been financed with this? How many things for the people could have been done? Insteed the connected projects even needed to bag for server donations. This whole sale has shown me up one thing, InsanelyMac long time lost it's spirit of hacking, it became a commecial business.

75k$ have been spent on this forum, why? Because a good income has been predicted from this site. This is what we became, a simple way for investment, for making money. I refuse this from the deepest corner fo my heart. I get sick than thinking of this. This whole project is based upon the work of many people, Maxxuss, Vitaly, Netkas, mine and yes, also on the work of Apple. You cannot sell this work, you cannot sell this project nor the community. To long big money has been made on the back of our work. I feel abused now, there is no other word for this. I want to erase this palce from my memorys, it has not more spirit than any random cracks site on the net.

The last point which makes me really angry is that userdata of +80.000 members like the auction stated are sold to someone unknown for pure profit, even worse this is a hacking project still. I am just sad, sad for me and my friends from the developers and well yes, also sad for Apple (on those back this all exist but who ever tolerate our work). I even wish sometimes never ever got to this project.

From this day I will no longer post anything on insanelymac anymore. I will go back to the place all began for me, the With me will go the core of developers. Currently it's even possible for me and some others to leave this scene in general because all ideas we had have been dragged through dirt with all the things shown up, the spirit has been blown away. I really need to go deep inside me now and think about all the things happened and if I still can continue knowing the idea behind all this was abused in such a way for pure commecial intrest.
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gotoh @ 27.03.2007 09:02 CET
there's always been people to make profit on the hard work of others. Especially when the work is done for free. Some just don't understand this word. As soon as you have good ideas, there will be people to use them, and make money from them. But don't get depressed, it's the way the world is going, and it has always been like this. Anyway, a lot of people are highly grateful for the work you and other devs provided, and use it for their own pleasure, and not profit. I think those who really like your work will just do the same, boycott insanelymac. Just keep up the good work if you still enjoy doing it. If there's no pleasure anymore in it, just do what you think is better !

Best regards and respect !
Ezhoon @ 27.03.2007 17:25 CET
100% agreed with gotoh!! :)
ritalin @ 27.03.2007 21:01 CET
Wise words gotoh ;-)
Nubizus @ 30.03.2007 11:20 CET
That kid (insanelymac) got a deal.
The bayer got a shit.Why?
Becouse if master devs behind the osx86 stop to work insanelymac is nothing more than stupid forum.
If i were you i will make new forum with hard restriction: NO SELL, advertising only to support expensses.
Keep the good work and post only where you feel true, developer.
Alessandro @ 02.04.2007 14:56 CET
Please don't give up. This dream can't die. If you feel that what happened at InsanelyMac is wrong, it is always possible to start again somewhere else.
Paco @ 08.04.2007 07:44 CET
Thank you very much for your work in OSX86. We will never forgive you. Please, don't give up. I am sure that if you continue, very soon, Apple is going to offer OSX for the PC's. It's necessary for freedom. Greetings from Spain!
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