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R3d3 replacement

It autoloads better, hasn't "Couldn't alloc class" warning.
check at #1049 irc channel on
after installing dsmos.kext you need to delete r3d3.kext and Extensions cache files.
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ritalin @ 28.03.2007 18:31 CET
Worked fine on my C2D system. Much quicker boot time. thx
dzamplz @ 29.03.2007 23:09 CET
Do i need to replace using Jas 10.4.9 with semthex 8.9.1? i saw this warning could not allocate _com_mifki_r3d3...but everything runs fine,..but I feel it slowed down a bit using 8.9.1 kernel,...I dont have deamonES kernel and dont know how to replace it either,...but anyways thanks for the support
netkas @ 30.03.2007 01:16 CET
totaly wrong post
Ford Prefect @ 30.03.2007 10:54 CET
Tried this, but my boot hangs on mDNS autoresponder (or similar). Tries 10 times then hangs. Can't find logs atm, booted from iPod. Will post if I find them...
netkas @ 30.03.2007 12:07 CET
you forgot this

chmod -R 755 /System/Library/Extensions/dsmos.kext
chown -R 0:0 /System/Library/Extensions/dsmos.kext
Ezhoon @ 30.03.2007 18:21 CET
Installed on PD 820 system, perm repaired, rebooted without a problem :)

It seems booting slightly faster too!
Another great work done by netkas!! :P

Thanks!! :)
pinpin @ 30.03.2007 21:11 CET
What about the dmg mount problem? It can't be fixed using 10.4.9 system.kext, you need to use the 10.4.8 one and 8.8.1 kernel, so it's not a pure true update.

Great work netkas!
denisvj @ 31.03.2007 05:57 CET
Ford Prefect: I had the same problem and I solved loading the kext from /etc/rc , more info on irc
Ford Prefect @ 31.03.2007 12:03 CET
Thanks Netkas & denisvj, all working perfectly now. Cheers.
netkas @ 31.03.2007 12:42 CET
read this
zarac @ 31.03.2007 18:30 CET
netkas, thanks a million for this!
my amd is running 10.4.9 (8.9.1) beautifully.
even dashboard shows ripple effect when adding new widgets (which never happened before on my machine).

the only problem is system preferences crash whenever i change screensaver from flurry to anything else.. i haven't had that problem before (on 10.4.8 - 8.8.1)

my machine is:
cpu: AMD athlon64 3200+ (939) - sse3
mobo: ASUS a8v (via k8t800 pro, vt8237)
gpu: NVIDIA 7600gt agp 256mb (gainward golden sample)

installed OSX_1048_AMD.iso and upgraded to 10.4.9 using your instructions.
also, i'm using agpgart 2.1 with new Diabolik's natit dual v0.02 (
qe/ci/q2d/agp is working

any ideas?

btw, here's system preferences crash log if it helps
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