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Hackintosh sse2 8.9.1(10.4.9) kernel is out!!

just look at it
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kernel works on intel and amd sse2 rigs
it has r3d3 intergrated, no need for dsmos.kext
you can get it at usual place on irc.
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Ezhoon @ 01.04.2007 17:34 CET
netkas and semthex,
Thanks for another great work :)

Btw, this isn't April Fool's joke, is it? lol
netkas @ 01.04.2007 18:01 CET
no, it's real!
Ahmad @ 04.04.2007 19:54 CET
This is just amazing. The system is rock solid. Also itunes loads MUCH more quickly.
Have you improved anything in the SSE3 emulation.
I am very surprised and happy to see my 6 year old Dell running OS X this well.
Hurley @ 21.04.2007 16:26 CET
thanks guys to keep my old stuff still runing osx86 ;)
this update is very apreciated
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