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Apple releases 10.4.9 sources and new kernel.

Apple released darwin 8.9.1(10.4.9) sources.

Compiled intel sse3 hpet kernel is on irc #1049 topic

it includes northwood fix, r3d3 inside, autodetecting fsb speed
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Ezhoon @ 19.04.2007 06:23 CET
Great job as usual, netkas!!

Thanks!! :)
greenmajor @ 19.04.2007 13:58 CET
doesn't work on my intel celeron 2.8 sse3 =( previous kernel + dsmos.kext works perfect
zulu.walker @ 19.04.2007 16:09 CET
jumped from the first kernel on 10.4.9 JaS SSE3 to the latest one, working great. i did my homework before replacing my old alloc error-loving kernel ;)
skn @ 20.04.2007 03:06 CET
Great job!
Could you please release the source of the patch just like mifki and semthex have done in the past?
Ezhoon @ 20.04.2007 05:18 CET
I've just found out I still need dsmos.kext to boot successfully. This is weird..if r3d3 is inside, I don't need dsmos.kext right?
Cyclonefr @ 20.04.2007 12:03 CET
remove the famous AppleCPUPowermanagement.kext!
Penter Yip @ 21.04.2007 01:19 CET
Thx netkas, it is perfect for me!
iQQ @ 21.04.2007 03:06 CET
Is this means the new kernel does not support speedstep?
iQQ @ 21.04.2007 05:41 CET
Tried this kernel, but after wake up, USB devices went died, if replug them, can work again.
Ezhoon @ 21.04.2007 05:42 CET
Removing the AppleIntelCPUPowermanagement.kext took care of the problem.
Booting is fast, everything is working smooth..thx for the tip!! :)
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