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SSE3/SSE2 compiled kernels with speedstep

Yeaahh baby, it's on IRC #1049 channel.

read topic.
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Michigan @ 22.04.2007 05:19 CET
After update Exposé runs a bit choppy.

It's not an issue with Beamsync or Quartz Extreme 2D, I check these ones, turning off on, specially Beamsync and it's not the problem.

Any ideas? It worked fine with no speedstep kernel.
Miguel @ 22.04.2007 11:30 CET
Hello Netkas. Thanks for all your job.

My system needs the AppleIntelCPU...kext, without it I obtain 240 mflopfs instead 450 and the fans run at more speed (intelp4/ss3/hpet).
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