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8.9.1 universal kernel, Q&A

What it is?
it's kernel, which automaticlu detect sse3, and if it doesn't exist it add sse3emu.

Why to remove AppleIntelCPU......kext?
it cause panic on nonhpet systems, it should work on most hpet systems. It needs only for system which can control cpu fan and other power management things.

What's about speedstep?
Ask it on #appleacpi channel, on irc network.
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offall @ 29.04.2007 01:31 CET
Hi, Netkas
I have to remove appleIntelCPU kext to get the kernel works,
I read your explain above, but does it mean my cpu fan can not be controlled by system anymore?
I am a little bit scared.
Do I need to worry about this?
nico342 @ 04.05.2007 17:51 CET
Try with the file if is it work.
In my case, If I remove the file, my laptop fan run always, with the file it's stop running.
offall @ 18.05.2007 07:20 CET
samething happens here, so I end up can't use the kernel from netkas

netkas, are you reading those comments at all?

anyway can you improve it that it compatiable with the appleintelCPU.kext?

I am not using IRC frequently, where I can find the discussion on this?
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