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Someone haxxored our irc network.

For now, isn't available.
Somebody hacked it and banned all users there.
Looking logs we think it was paulmer

his info from moof network

* [paulmer] ( E shes che comprano uno stairway al cielo
* [paulmer] is a registered nick
* [paulmer] #OSx86 +#macvidia @#sushi @#Scripts
* [paulmer] :The Big Moof
* [paulmer] idle 02:53:21, signon: Sat Apr 28 06:40:46
* [paulmer] End of WHOIS list.

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coolmatt49 @ 28.04.2007 11:30 CET
Omg wtf oh noes! you got h4x0red :o
h4x0ring make kitty sad @ 28.04.2007 11:35 CET
netkas @ 28.04.2007 11:39 CET
<SG> so why are ppl being glined from here too? :x
<SG> netkas etc
they are gay

to answer you - I'm not a gay.
TorqueX86 @ 28.04.2007 12:30 CET
Whoa nice stunt lol
Now let's get back to work onto another channel ^^
Kiko @ 28.04.2007 12:35 CET
TheRealKiko @ 28.04.2007 12:39 CET
I see that someone is already making fun of me, well, this is just the beginning, and this is just foreplay. Let's see who is tougher, I will make your life impossible and will do all I can to keep you fools out of my development. And this is just hacking, perhaps some day something worse could happen to one of you, personally.. you never know. Don't fuck with me, don't play with fire, or you'll regret this.
Alekc @ 28.04.2007 13:39 CET
Well that's explains why i was baned on my enter in irc :((((
f41qu3 @ 28.04.2007 15:27 CET
this fact does not go to be therefore :@
Sentinel @ 28.04.2007 15:43 CET
Kiko and paulmer bastards. fuck you
Bash @ 28.04.2007 18:04 CET
Haha, owned. Instead of screaming "fuck you" to Paulmer and Kiko, maybe you should attempt to see what you did wrong ;)

Also, screaming at people in operating system code names doesn't do anyone good, now does it?
How to burn a Kiko in 10 ways @ 29.04.2007 03:40 CET
I never seens such a poor bastard like you are. You mom either not loved you or loved you (raped) you too much. HA - HA
Goatcx @ 29.04.2007 03:44 CET
Paulmer Kiko:

"It is generally assumed that script kiddies are kids who lack the ability to write sophisticated hacking programs on their own,[1] and that their objective is to try to impress their friends or gain credit in underground cracker communities."
Not Kiko @ 29.04.2007 05:11 CET
meh, bunch of fags. You just cant hack it that you got hacked, and guess what :O what you ask?


netkas @ 29.04.2007 10:57 CET
no hacking, they just stole bikedude p/w, from imac forum.
they are no script_kids, they are just Kids
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