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we are back.

IRC works again, services are currently down.

after logs reading, we found bad guy.

[Sat Apr 28 14:34:56 2007] - OPER UNKNOWNOPER (bikedude) by (max!iamemo@
[Sat Apr 28 14:35:04 2007] - OPER (bikedude880) by (max!iamemo@
[Sat Apr 28 14:38:22 2007] - Disconnect - (0:3:40) max!iamemo@ [VHOST 477FC106.CE63B5D1.8F1230C5.IP]

OPER (bikedude880) by (Lucifer!

OPER (oui) by (Lucifer!

Kiko was it. Brainded people who are even to dumb to abuse passwords without ident themself.

another story
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Sentinel @ 28.04.2007 15:44 CET
Fuck you kiko and paulmer.
f41qu3 @ 28.04.2007 21:02 CET
bad act
XpS @ 29.04.2007 01:58 CET
KiKo Needs to Get Aids and Fucking DIe, He is a sorry little piece of shit who I wish every bad disease and death on. Watch yourself Kiko, cause one day you will fuck with the wrong person and they will fucking kill you. I hope you die a slow painful death. Have fun spending the rest of your life in a wheelchair crapping your pants loser.
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