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Kiko's confession.

We know now what was going on.
Kiko's post
I knew id get blamed for this, if anyone you should be mad at bikedude880, if his password wasnt so easy it wouldnt have been so hard to exploit. Anyway, what started out as a little fun for me (maybe one or two kill's and nick drops) turned out much larger than i expeced, with paulmer coming and his bot floods. Meh anyway. I didnt go away empty handed if ya know what i mean

P.S:I dont have anybodies IP, so PolishOSX no need to worry

P.P.S: You can hate me as much as you want, but i think i came out on top in this one. It was worth it, good work on the server though and sorry for any trouble

P.P.P.S: Learn how to ban properly as i can still post
Once again you can see that Kiko is a Liar. He said me yesterday on public channel - he has not any connection whith this.
"I didnt go away empty handed if ya know what i mean" - Kiko has stolen our sse2emu stuff. Sure, he will say soon: "Look, I made sse3emu"
Once again, don't trust Kiko, he is a Liar and a Thief.


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