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efi pwned

After week of trying, solving, probing , finaly win!

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all works fine, qe/ci, sound, etc
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Many intell pentium em64t users gets "bus error" on running 64-bit apps.
Currently 64-bit apps works only on Core 2 systems.
The reason is - 64 bit version of memory copy operations in commpage require SSSE3 instruction, which is currently available only on Core 2 cpus (merom, pentium E2xxx).
To fix this, somebody need to rewrite 14 kb of sse3 optimaized code for 64-bit procs.
NOW is Fixed. new kernel is available on irc - sse3-only kernel Thanks for base 64-bit fix work going to mifki.
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New kernel and sleep.

After some researchment, we found that some sse2 modifications result in kernel don't resume
so, I made 2 kernels now - universal(sse2+sse3) with no sleep support and sse3-only, with sleep support (need additional kext, can be found on #appleacpi romm , on our irc network)
Finaly fixed that cpu cores number reading, made some cleanup in this way.

also you may donate me now with e-gold system -->
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New kernel with bugfixes.

New kernel came to irc #1049 channel.
All cores numbering issues should be fixed now.
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