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New kernel with bugfixes.

New kernel came to irc #1049 channel.
All cores numbering issues should be fixed now.
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Showthan @ 03.05.2007 00:59 CET
mach_sse2?support sse3?
Ezhoon @ 03.05.2007 05:57 CET
sse2/3 support is already in there, afaik.

Thanks again for this cosmetic update, netkas. :)

However I am having trouble updating my Gigabyte DS3 mobo to 1049. It just stops at loginwindow and show nothing but a cursor with blue screen background.

Any input/tip would be greatly appreciated!! :)
Nevin @ 03.05.2007 11:51 CET
Thanks for the update!!!

I'm still unable to get my 2nd core to be recongized by the new kernel:

Adding CPU1
ACPICPUThrottle: Failed with code -536870212
wito @ 03.05.2007 16:41 CET
my "About my Mac" shows that I have intel core solo 1.67. but system profiler and menumeter show 2 cores enabled... previous kernel don't have this "cosmetical" problem..
netkas @ 03.05.2007 20:44 CET
get new one :P
Penter Yip @ 04.05.2007 16:22 CET
To me, the latest kernal is more unstable and crash many time, although the start up and shut down time is much much faster.
SIMON @ 04.05.2007 19:54 CET
System Profiler still tells wrong core numbers. (core2duo, 2cores -> core2solo, 1core)
Though both cores are workin' properly. (via Activity Monitor)
Not using EIST or CPUThrottler.
protools @ 06.05.2007 08:23 CET
Same here, the last kernel is more unstable and crashy.
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