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New kernel and sleep.

After some researchment, we found that some sse2 modifications result in kernel don't resume
so, I made 2 kernels now - universal(sse2+sse3) with no sleep support and sse3-only, with sleep support (need additional kext, can be found on #appleacpi romm , on our irc network)
Finaly fixed that cpu cores number reading, made some cleanup in this way.

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Ahmad @ 07.05.2007 09:16 CET
Good job... I'm really happy to see people still working on developing the kernel. Keep up the good work.

Will there ever be sleep support for SSE2 in future releases?
f41qu3 @ 07.05.2007 19:43 CET
great job netkas :)

I am half offline in the IRC but I do not leave to participate conferring your work in kernels

netkas @ 07.05.2007 21:12 CET
sllep works only on intel-speedstep/amd-powernow cpus
Hanibal @ 08.05.2007 08:10 CET
With the newest kernel for SSE3 users, Do we need to remove AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext any more?
Thanks for the great work!
wito @ 08.05.2007 14:39 CET
still can't sleep...i'm using the latest sse3 kernel and ACPICPUThrottle.kext from appleacpi room.. is there something that I miss?

just like before, Sleep hangs my system up... it's t2300 if u need to know...
llamasonoc @ 08.05.2007 19:34 CET
thanks for keeping up development there. for the 1st time i see my cpu recognized as Core Duo - however my xbench went from 115 to 110 - geekbench dropped as well.

using the intel no sleep kernel
Hitchhiker @ 09.05.2007 00:51 CET
I have a Pentium M processor in my laptop that is only SSE2, and it does have Intel Speedstep capabilities.

Will you be looking at adding the sleep functionality for SSE2 as well since it does apply to some laptops?

Keep up the good work!
skn @ 09.05.2007 01:47 CET
Didn't work here either...
My P4 HT was identified as Core Solo. After sleeping, I can wake-up my PC by pressing the space bar on the keyboard but got no display nor access through ssh.
Tried with the new SSE3 kernel and the beta ACPICPUThrottle kext.
Anyone please?
OSPF @ 09.05.2007 21:53 CET
Your last kernel update work fine.
Now the System Profiler report CPU: 1 (before 0) and 1 core for my Pentium M.

Can someone tell me why the "About this Mac" and system profiler identify my cpu like "ADP2,1" instead of "Pentium M 1.6 GHz" like sysctl -A. How Can I solve it plz ?
Hitchhiker @ 09.05.2007 22:33 CET
Regarding the "About this Mac", I had to reapply the 10.4.4 loginwindow for my correct machine type to diplay properly after I upgraded to 10.4.9.
OSPF @ 10.05.2007 20:28 CET
I will try it Hitchhiker.
alicheusz @ 10.05.2007 21:17 CET
It is for all SSE3 CPU or it is only for SSE3 with SpeedSteep?
OSPF @ 11.05.2007 12:14 CET
It's doesnt work with loginwindow 10.4.5 and 10.4.4 :(
I got 1.6 GHz Intel. :(
Koschey @ 28.05.2007 16:27 CET
where can I find new Kernel for SSE3 and new KEXT? How must I install them?

Rob @ 28.05.2007 16:39 CET
Hey i noticed that is down again... where can i get the new kernels? or is the irc server down only temporally.

keep up the good work netkas!

koschey @ 28.05.2007 19:57 CET
I downloaded ACPICPUThrottle and new kernel SSE3 from IRC. How i need to install them? What i need to select in ACPI* install menu?
Now I got an error: GetSupportedFrequencies: error -1 in sysctl Probably CPUThrottle.kext not loaded

ps sllep doesn't work
kikke @ 30.05.2007 11:36 CET
Why don't use the HLT instruction with the sse2 kernel? If the computer doesn't do anything? I've booted to single mode my laptop with -s option, only 4 process below 4% load, but the cooler doesn't stop. So it's a kernel problem.
And NO, i don't speak about cpu throttling.
With 10.4.6's kernel, everything is worked correctly.
tythomas @ 30.05.2007 20:16 CET
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