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Many intell pentium em64t users gets "bus error" on running 64-bit apps.
Currently 64-bit apps works only on Core 2 systems.
The reason is - 64 bit version of memory copy operations in commpage require SSSE3 instruction, which is currently available only on Core 2 cpus (merom, pentium E2xxx).
To fix this, somebody need to rewrite 14 kb of sse3 optimaized code for 64-bit procs.
NOW is Fixed. new kernel is available on irc - sse3-only kernel Thanks for base 64-bit fix work going to mifki.
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alicheusz @ 11.05.2007 17:52 CET
and only use of these 64bit is GeekBench, not much
Ezhoon @ 12.05.2007 05:20 CET
Thanks, netkas, mifki :)

Although, I don't know where that 64bit codes are hidden in my Pentium D 820 system and it could be my imagination but, my system feels a bit smoother.

Good work! :)
alicheusz @ 12.05.2007 08:41 CET
I test this kernel and noticed slowdown on my system, WebKit nightly crash very often for for some reason on this kernel
kingtut @ 18.05.2007 12:29 CET
AppleIntelCPU......kext is now broken it causes panic!!
I remove AppleIntelCPU......kext and now fan sound like jet engine!
AppleIntelCPU......kext fan control worked fine before.
(Compiled intel sse3 hpet kernel, northwood fix, r3d3 inside, autodetecting fsb speed by netkas @ 18.04.2007 11:18 CEST).
Suggestion Please. 64-bit works GREAT several points faster on Geekbench.
System is Intel D945GBO w/ Pentium D 950. Thanks
gotoh @ 19.05.2007 11:54 CET
Pretty nice to finally get full 64bit support in OS X for Pentium 4 CPUs with SSE3 ! getting about 7% better performances for 64bit apps. Guys, you're good !
Thanks again for everrything (no problem here with AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext
P4-640, 945G mobo (GA945GM-S2)
MaSch @ 23.05.2007 09:36 CET
same here, after upgrage do 10.4.9 and installed Universal or SSE3only kernel, the AppleIntelCPU... hangs up -> removed... All works fine, but the CPU-Fan has big noise!!!! Any idea?

MoBo GA-945GM-DS2 Pentium D 950!
ng @ 04.06.2007 14:27 CET
Noise is everywhere.. It's unbelievable. Nobody can build a cool kernel for months? My laptop works at 3% load, and the heat is too much, in single mode!!!
ng @ 04.06.2007 14:28 CET
ps.: i have sse2 machine without enhanced speedstep, so I can't use the appleacpi kext for speedstep.
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