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Note about build$mart

That man distribute semthex and zef code without asking they permission.
He said he asked for it but nobody answered him, may be. but when he was asked to stop it, he didn't.
So he is pirate, nothing more.
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OSX Lover @ 06.06.2007 00:52 CET
I love your work but I don't agree totally with you.
I don't understand why the sources cannot be disclosured to everyone. Remember that even Semthex has used source code from other people (Mifki for instance). Afaik r2d2 is not a Semthex's creation either.
Pirate? It depends on how you see that. For Apple everybody who is running OSX on a PC is a pirate, right?
Keep up your great job!
netkas @ 06.06.2007 03:59 CET
i didn't see anyone who can make kernel code better, so i don't see any reasons to open it.
gu3d3s @ 07.06.2007 00:54 CET
Hi friends,

Friend I admire its work and of that he has helped to become possivel
the OSX in PC, more I think that the more together involved people and
working better, or not?

What I am finding is that this having a division, to see who is better
or knows more than the other, would be this? if it will be, moan plus
all leave losing with this infantile attitude.

f41qu3 @ 07.06.2007 02:30 CET
stopin' ircwar and forumwar, he all in here for lear and help, to sharing knowledgements.

im very grateful to semy, you netkas, jas, bkdude, zef, flama ;), and other guys that also they had helped but they are of other community.

stop division, help all, because all will leave earning in the end.
netkas @ 07.06.2007 10:47 CET
I'll leave when i will lost my interest in osx, be sure :)
alicheusz @ 08.06.2007 18:13 CET
netkas for sure you will not see anyone that can make code better, because no one can work on it
Broker @ 09.06.2007 11:02 CET
Hey netkas!

Why dont you concentrate on your exams? :)
This behavior is relly boring, and it doesnt require such a publicity.
Simply doesnt worth it.
Step over.

Keep up yout good work!
Leo is comming soon :)
John Jenson @ 12.06.2007 20:21 CET

Regarding your message below.

"i didn't see anyone who can make kernel code better, so i don't see any reasons to open it."

You will find very qualified developers that will be able to contribute to the kernel after seeing the source.

How can anyone improve the code or even show that they are capable in your eyes, if the source is not available.

This attitude is very childish and is the reason for the division we see with this community.

Please take this as constructive criticism and not negatively.

I appreciate all the hard work from the developers.

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