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First gui iphone app produced

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Executable file -

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Iphone binary shell compiled.

/offtopic Since a lot of shit last few days. I'm off of osx86 things for a some time("thx" going to chmoski). offtopic/
I'm now switching to compiling iphone stuff.
Thx to NightWatch we now have closed to complete iphone toolchain with compiller assembler and linker, that's all we need to create 3-rd party iphone apps(we need also a headers for iphone frameworks).
So far i compiled shell and subsett of apps for it.
That's full listing so far
banner glob6 mkdir rm tty
cat goto nice rmdir uname
chmod hostname nohup sh6 wc
chown id osh sleep which
cp if pico telnetd yes
csh kill printenv test
echo ls printf tsh
fd2 mesg pwd tshd
mostly of them compiled from openbsd sources, some from other *bsd.
In few days you will find instrunction about how to upload it to iphone, look at our wiki. Iphone dev wiki
For more information visit that link.

Files at
Also my Friend sam compiled few utils (hexdump, dd, tail).
Sam's bins
Important notice to journalist and other folks
This project is a community effort, and as such we have no official "leader".

P.S. all this work is absolutely open source, so is fully legal (finaly we have legal fully project :) ) , all binaries compiled from sources which was under bsd style license.
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New pretty fine, all - fixed, SMBIOS.

Few days ago I started work on new AppleSMBIOS.kext
What fixed:
- loginwindow crash, and no more need to patch loginwindow (as I previously made)
- System Profiler work fine, without any patches.
- CS3 works
- CPU speed reading fixed (for loginwindow)
- boot rom version identidy added to profiler output
known issues
Information abour memory banks reads wrong, but who cares ? ;)

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