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New pretty fine, all - fixed, SMBIOS.

Few days ago I started work on new AppleSMBIOS.kext
What fixed:
- loginwindow crash, and no more need to patch loginwindow (as I previously made)
- System Profiler work fine, without any patches.
- CS3 works
- CPU speed reading fixed (for loginwindow)
- boot rom version identidy added to profiler output
known issues
Information abour memory banks reads wrong, but who cares ? ;)

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YoM @ 11.07.2007 20:43 CET
Hi! I've tried it and acquired the sleep function working properly except the USB ports. (Need to replug to work, but the Hi-Speed like DVB tuner works well)

Thank You

PD: p5ld2-vm,e6400,7600gt,3ddr2-667 (They appear as 3 GB 333 MHz DRAM) :?
Jedi @ 12.07.2007 01:27 CET
Good job.
It works. thank you for your work...
Hanibal @ 12.07.2007 04:43 CET
Good Job my hero!

Thank you so much and please keep up the great work!
Edmond Wong @ 12.07.2007 09:36 CET
Thanks. I can update cs3 now.
Sleep is still not working
Marc Meyer @ 12.07.2007 17:07 CET
Thank you, netkas. Just wanted to confirm that usb device are not waking up after S3 sleep. They do with a very early version (1.0.6 from Jas' 4.8 DVD).
Also it reports 1 GB 333 MHz DRAM (1GB 667DDR2)
System Profiler and loginwindow work perfectly :)
e-rick @ 13.07.2007 18:56 CET
I lose my sound with this version of SMBIOS...
(ADI1986 with Appleazalia)
Pete @ 14.07.2007 11:06 CET
Although this fixed CS3 on my 10.4.9 machine, it broke USB (no iPod!). I'm trying to avoid the 10.4.10 upgrade for the moment - reckon this may help?
Unplug / replug as suggested above doesn't help.
I run an Asus P5WDH-Deluxe.
dutty @ 14.07.2007 17:53 CET
is there a speedstep 10.4.10 kernel out yet? i couldnt find it anywhere :(
skn @ 15.07.2007 15:07 CET
Thank you Netkas!
My machine awakes from the sleep mode but both the USB mouse and keyboard don't work afterwards.
Anyone please?
Cha @ 16.07.2007 09:27 CET
It works pretty good!!
Just something wrong with memory banks read,
but,just like NetKas say: Who cares?!!!
jaminmc @ 17.07.2007 19:01 CET
This Kext allows me to use After effects CS3, but, it causes Finalcut 6.0.1 to crash. I have to use Paulcats in order to use finalcut.
Tiger @ 18.07.2007 09:51 CET
thanks! good work!

neophitus @ 18.07.2007 17:47 CET
Well done netkas!!! the only problem was with the speed of my RAM 667 is showed as 333 (but as you say...who cares!!), usb ports works fine (not replugg). Asus P5ld2-VM,C2D 1.86m,1gbDDR2667. P/Sorry my bad english.
Penter @ 19.07.2007 03:19 CET
Amazing job Netkas!!!! Sleep work, everything fine, this is the first time I have ever used the Hackmac like a real mac, great job!!!
consolation @ 20.07.2007 01:40 CET
Many Thanks Netkas, your efforts are appreciated.

Breaks Final Cut Pro. Detects CPU speed/type correctly, only shows memory bank3 in profiler. About this mac detects the whole 2GB...
Still no sleep....

P5LD2-SE, E4300@2.61GHz, 7900GT, usb sound
Hanibal @ 20.07.2007 03:19 CET
Hope the wrong information memory banks will be fixed early! But anyway, that's the revolution for us!
Stoffe @ 20.07.2007 10:20 CET
Doesn't break Fnal Cut 6.01 for me.
P5LD2-VM E6600 1950XT
Andreas @ 21.07.2007 16:09 CET
Hi, i cant access radpidshare.

Can someone mail me the small SMS zip file ?

blkblt @ 25.07.2007 20:55 CET
Yeah, this breaks Final Cut Pro 6.0.1 for me too. Pentium D940, Intel 945GNTLKR.
blkblt @ 26.07.2007 07:20 CET
The other interesting thing is that when I go back to the other version of AppleSMBIOS.kext, my kernel_task memory usage is about 100MB higher! Could it be possible that it's leaking memory? Anyway, it seems like this is the best version of this kext, *EXCEPT* for the fact that Final Cut Pro crashes.
Detosx @ 28.07.2007 13:52 CET
Hi there! Good job :-)

Does this resolve problems with Parallels 3? A lot of people can't get that to work on their Hacks. The Parallels team say they will release an update.
vvv @ 02.08.2007 09:03 CET
please, how to install appleSMBIOS.kext?
sorry for my bad english...
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