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First gui iphone app produced

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Executable file -

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Meh @ 29.07.2007 13:28 CET
eh.. "hello world" isn't exactly an "application", i guess this does show your amazing programming skills tho.

i'm surprised you didn't misspell 'hello' or 'world' too.
blkblt @ 29.07.2007 20:13 CET
Nice job!
asc @ 30.07.2007 09:33 CET

your comments are making you look like a loser, not netkas...
cajos @ 30.07.2007 10:31 CET
Wow! Good work!

I always wonder how ObjC is cool. I follow it from NeXTSTEP times and it's now the language of a smartphone. Simple yet elegant to create apps.

Meh, this app is a PoC. It is the first result of a thorough reverse engineering effort.

Netkas: do you know class-dump? It is a cool utility which decompiles objc based binaries and outputs header files. It may help you to map iPhone frameworks:

Go ahead!
netkas @ 01.08.2007 01:26 CET
cajos, thx, i know that app.
Guys used it to dump most frameworks.
I'm not a objc/cocoa programmer, i more like asm in binary forms or c.
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