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AMD/ATI Radeon HD 2600 works in osx with full qe/ci. - UPDATED - PKG added

After a lot of noob-attacks, u can find easy to install pkg now, on irc Few days after mew imacs launched and Radeon hd 2600 works on PCs!

System profiler screenshot
Current status, works on hd 2600 card with 256 mb ram. full qe/ci/opengl
XT card works with original kexts (0x9588 deiv) , 2600 pro(0x9589) requires edited kexts (dev-id in plist and binary edited)
Dashboard works fine now.

no more bugs :D old: Known bugs, water effect in Dashboard result in system freeze

Quake3 , timedemo - 250 FPS.

come to #radeonhd and get all needed files in one
U still need to isntall imac software udpate via pacifist, b4 isntalling kexts from archieve, to install new rosetta (actualy ppc opengl bindings)

we need radeon hd2400 testers

What will u need to get it working, special natit version, new radeon kexts from imac software update, also rosetta files from imac software update (just install that update with pacifist or so)
opengl.framework from new imac , new kernel and system.kext,
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8.9.1 still alive

There is new 8.9.1 kernel with few improvements:

changed timer hz to 250 from default 100 (some info you can read on

truely universal kernel, works with sse2 and sleep works on sse3 (with ACPIThrotle.kext)

64-bit fix for sse3 em64t cpus (just to remind it exists)

all file in usual place on irc ( #1049)

P.S. SSE2 users may have panic related to appleintelcpupowermanagement.kext(or may not have), if so, delete that kext.
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