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8.9.1 still alive

There is new 8.9.1 kernel with few improvements:

changed timer hz to 250 from default 100 (some info you can read on

truely universal kernel, works with sse2 and sleep works on sse3 (with ACPIThrotle.kext)

64-bit fix for sse3 em64t cpus (just to remind it exists)

all file in usual place on irc ( #1049)

P.S. SSE2 users may have panic related to appleintelcpupowermanagement.kext(or may not have), if so, delete that kext.
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Hanibal @ 02.08.2007 07:46 CET
I love U, netkas! :-)
I wonder, why don't U take a look to 8.10.1 kernel? I believe U will make the revolution with it!

Thanks Netkas
Dualis @ 02.08.2007 08:12 CET
Well, 8.10.1 i think will show up when apple will release the source code .. and I wonder if it will be such a release...maybe 10.4.11 kernel to bring news ...
shoarthing @ 03.08.2007 11:09 CET
. . . [warning: noob alert]: new kernel d/l from link at #1049 then extracted = a file called "mach_idt" . . appears not to be an executable.

How can I fix things so I can try the thing out?
Lord_Uffa @ 03.08.2007 14:49 CET
Hi Netkas! thank you for your work.
I was wondering when it will be available a kernel that works for intel core 2 duo mobile without disabling one cpu with "cpus=1" at boot; er... is it kernel-dependent, right?
netkas @ 03.08.2007 22:13 CET
it's bios dependent, cause of bad dell's bios
Lord_Uffa @ 03.08.2007 22:28 CET
hmmmm I have a compaq... I knew of dell's bios problem. EFI could help or no hope for "us"?
10x again for your patience,
kingtut @ 06.08.2007 11:39 CET
Hi Netkas,
AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext will not load, still broken for Pentium D 9xx users! FAN Noise is Crazy.
Netkas kernel @ 18.04.2007 11:18 CEST worked fine, however had no 64bit.

Thank You.
dogbert75 @ 06.08.2007 19:36 CET

Two quick questions for you. First, just wondering what I should see when i do a uname -a with this kernel? Second, i know 10.4.10 is not on the darwin source page, but there is a development kit at that says it contains a kernel. I'm not a programmer and respect the work you do. Just curious what this is? Thanks for your efforts!
netkas @ 07.08.2007 06:34 CET
Kernel Debug Kit - is a kernel built with additional debug info and some kexts for remote debuging..
shoarthing @ 07.08.2007 09:21 CET
. . . thank you.
TorqueX86 @ 08.08.2007 11:28 CET
Pretty good new kernel, takes away a nasty processor buzzing i had before, it's speedy and supports all it has to support!

And mostly, the sse2 code doesnt get in the way anymore, finally!
dogbert75 @ 08.08.2007 12:31 CET
Ned Flanders @ 12.08.2007 15:40 CET
Great job. This + Jas = sleep on a e1705!
Graf Eugen @ 14.08.2007 18:07 CET
Gj! Works on one of my systems but not on the other. Is it possible to add acpi-cpufreq linux like support instead of speedstep because it seems that some intel cpus don't throttle with this speedstep implementation. acpi-cpufreq is more versatile afair so AMD users would benefit too.

VL @ 16.08.2007 02:45 CET
Hi ..
I tried to use it on my Pentium M Centrino (SSE2) but i get kernel panic at boot. (Cant figure out why)
I wanted to delete the kext you mentioned in the instructions but I dont have this kext (wtf?)
any ideas why it is broken on my centrino.

At the moment im using: root:xnu-792.18.15-SSE2-1/BUILD/obj/RELEASE_I386
netkas @ 16.08.2007 07:56 CET
can u post eip register value from panic message?
netkas @ 16.08.2007 07:56 CET
and panic type
akai @ 18.08.2007 06:47 CET
same above VL ....
and my system panic massage is
"pani(cpu0 caller 0X001A496B):Unsolved lernel trap(cpu0,Type 14:page fault), registers:
slump @ 19.08.2007 06:10 CET
Kernel panic and don't find the kext to be removed.

EIP value: 0x0040ffff

panic (cpu 0 caller 0x0010496B)
Ahmad Moawya @ 19.08.2007 09:12 CET
I got a kernel panic on my pentium 4 1.79GHz SSE2.

panic (cpu 0 caller 0x001A387D)
EIP: 0x0019a483

I DID remove the cpu power management kext.
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