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AMD/ATI Radeon HD 2600 works in osx with full qe/ci. - UPDATED - PKG added

After a lot of noob-attacks, u can find easy to install pkg now, on irc Few days after mew imacs launched and Radeon hd 2600 works on PCs!

System profiler screenshot
Current status, works on hd 2600 card with 256 mb ram. full qe/ci/opengl
XT card works with original kexts (0x9588 deiv) , 2600 pro(0x9589) requires edited kexts (dev-id in plist and binary edited)
Dashboard works fine now.

no more bugs :D old: Known bugs, water effect in Dashboard result in system freeze

Quake3 , timedemo - 250 FPS.

come to #radeonhd and get all needed files in one
U still need to isntall imac software udpate via pacifist, b4 isntalling kexts from archieve, to install new rosetta (actualy ppc opengl bindings)

we need radeon hd2400 testers

What will u need to get it working, special natit version, new radeon kexts from imac software update, also rosetta files from imac software update (just install that update with pacifist or so)
opengl.framework from new imac , new kernel and system.kext,
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Kuultseero @ 25.08.2007 12:24 CEST
250FPS in Timedemo is kinda slow?
I get with my GeforceFX ~460
asap18 @ 25.08.2007 17:59 CEST
*cough* who said they would work out of box? :P
TorqueX86 @ 27.08.2007 09:56 CEST
Grats for the achievement, but saying "full QE-CI" with the system freezing in the dashboard is really too optimistic.

Furthermore, what did netkas do to the kernel to enable the use of these new atis? Why when there's some new release nobody must EVER know what the hell is in it?

Most of us have hackintoshes as their main computer, would be nice to know what you are putting in your computer before creating potentially unstable and dangerous conditions.

No polemic, really, but im starting to be a bit fed up of new "working" stuff that I don't know what it contains.

Again, no polemic, just a statement on how i feel.
netkas @ 27.08.2007 22:40 CEST

U r lazy asshole

first -- nobody force u to put it into ur pc, use at your own risk

second, it's just 8.10.3 kernel, intel/hpet only.
PaTTeX @ 31.08.2007 16:05 CEST
hello netkas
any release envisaged for amd users ?
TorqueX86 @ 09.09.2007 06:55 CEST
Netkas, have a cold shower. I'm saying WELL DONE, but before you say "IT WORKS LOL" be at least sure it DOES work for real in:

-Open GL
-Dual Screen

You see, THIS would mean that "it works", otherwise just write the truth, which is that you guys are still working hard on it.

Regarding the new kernel,

-Does it require DSMOS?
-In terms of performances, how does it compare with your latest 1049 Universal?
- Does it have compatibility issues?
- Does it allow the use of new ATI graphic kexts on older X1600/X1900/X1950 cards?

You see, writing these informations would take only 2 minutes and at least people would know what they are installing. Chill out dude, you are doing a good job, but just give a bit of info when you release stuff that will also save your brain from a lot of stupid questions on IRC...
netkas @ 10.09.2007 21:09 CEST

switch on your brain.
1) yes, read forum
2) same
3)4) - idk
tom @ 12.09.2007 22:44 CEST
Is there any chance for a 2900 soon ?
Or is it completely different ?
cyclonefr @ 16.09.2007 13:10 CEST
tom, whoever you are, come on IRC to test your 2900 if you have one.
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