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10.4.10 and leopard sources released. new 10.4.10 kernel

After apple released sources for 10.4.10 and leopard, we can enjoy it with 10.4.10 Universal speedstep kernel !

All files(kernel and acpithrotle.kext(by prasys)) on irc as usual
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wito @ 01.11.2007 14:41 CET
how can I use this with chaosx86 10.4.10 v 5? i just have to replace mach_kernel or what?

thanks netkas
alicheusz @ 01.11.2007 15:37 CET
this kernel give me kernel panic on pentium M 1,7 SSE2 nc6000 laptop
netkas @ 01.11.2007 16:26 CET
need more reports from sse2 users, cause if it actualy works, then i will add sleep support for sse2
Carlos @ 02.11.2007 00:09 CET
I've tested this two kernels, downloaded from links posted in the #10.4.10 channel. One of this is with HPET support and the other not. Both kernels makes kernel panics in my hackintosh.

Actually, I don't use dmos and r3d3 extensions with the 8.9.1. kernel.

For this new kernel, I need this extensions?

Carlos @ 02.11.2007 00:10 CET
Sorry, my PC is a Intel Core 2 Duo E6420, with ASUS P5PE-VM motherboard.

Mike @ 02.11.2007 18:20 CET
Same problem... P4 HPET. Panic with AppelIntelCPU...
No panic without it but 50% of power processor (linpack test) and fans at full speed.

No problem with 8.10.1 binary hacked.

But THANKS anyway :) !!!
Fokker @ 02.11.2007 23:32 CET
Where's the SSE2 kernel? I can't find it at the irc channel.
netkas @ 03.11.2007 12:14 CET
appleintelcpupowermanagement kext needs hpet and sse3,. otherwise it result in panic.
skn @ 03.11.2007 13:37 CET
Thank you again for the great job!!!
Please consider releasing the source for the community. Xmas is coming... ;-)
Kingtut @ 03.11.2007 15:18 CET
Same as last universal kernel; Panic w/ Pentium D 9xx AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext! must remove then CraZy fan noise!
Please see Hackint0sh post 18 and 19
Please ask Bikedude880 to be a tester he has Pentium D 9xx series. Thank you Netkas.
kingtut @ 03.11.2007 15:27 CET
Addition to above w/ Pentium D 9xx, after AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext removal boots OK. Can NOT open DMG must manually load IOHDIXController.kext each boot? BTW 64 bit works Grrreat! Thank you again.
vellz @ 03.11.2007 16:57 CET
panic with sse2 cpu
nico342 @ 04.11.2007 05:52 CET
So, Is it working with SSE2 processors ?
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