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Few good leopard news. UPDATED

1) leopard kernel, compiled from source, available on irc( #10.5 last link in topic)
what's inside : amd/intel hpet detection and emulation , 64-bit fix for ssse3-less cpus (pentium4 64-bit can now run 64-bit apps!), usual assortiment of fixes, speedstep works! thx to Paulicat

work is going on sse2

2) ATIRadeon2600pro/XT users can grab leo kexts (to make it works) in #radeonhd room, last link in topic

radeon 2600 pro fully works now

also some guys reported he got 2400 to work with ATY_Iago.kext from that pkg(or from tiger).

and btw

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p.s., look at it ^^
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aed0101 @ 04.11.2007 23:10 CET
It is strange but my 2600xt did not work correctly with the Leo Natit from IRC. Had to install an old one from Tiger. Now everything runs great. Thank you Netkas!
slang @ 05.11.2007 09:12 CET
What about autofsb detection in Kernels?
Schwarzbier @ 06.11.2007 11:28 CET
Danke netkas, für den Kernel. Funktioniert soweit auch. Aber mein Hackint0sh schaltet sich damit beim runterfahren nicht mehr aus. Hab ein Gigabyte GA965-DS4 mit einer C2D 6400 CPU drauf.

MfG Schwarzbier
L_Man @ 09.11.2007 04:41 CET
I can't connect to the specified IRC server... Is there any other place to download this Leo Radeon HD 2600 XT driver from?

Please help...
Bob T. @ 15.11.2007 01:51 CET
Could you please let some of us noobs know what OS X client to use for IRC and how to locate a file on IRC? I use Opera but I have to wait until people post sometning. Its not clear how one would find a previously posted file.
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