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PC efi V3

What's new, since V1 ?
- added fsb detection for intel and amd(testing and not usefull cause modified kernel calculates it anyway)
- fixed issues with appleefinvram.kext - no need to delete any stock efi kexts anymore.
- many other small fixes.
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Turnip @ 08.11.2007 21:00 CET
I love you netkas.
Joe @ 08.11.2007 21:32 CET
Anyway, that's great. Keep up the good work. Looking for a nice intel DVD incorporating this patch.
freelinuxer @ 08.11.2007 22:52 CET
v3 already..?
Tonight will be fun night again.!!
Thank you.
trexplorer @ 08.11.2007 23:34 CET
hey netkas .. great stuff, works on both my hacks, Dell 6400 and Asus P5B. And TM and Fusion work where they wouldn't before) - no issues. If u get a chance, how bout posting the unhacked boot file so that we can restore Darwin to original if needed ... thx.
blkblt @ 09.11.2007 00:01 CET
Brilliant stuff, netkas!!
cyclonefr @ 09.11.2007 00:36 CET
now it works with "plain" ASUS P5K :)
freelinuxer @ 09.11.2007 00:48 CET
Are we going to see an install DVD that includes this pc efi anytime soon ?
Nil @ 09.11.2007 04:48 CET
It would be cool if u added multiboot support so the Darwin bootloader can be loaded from the GRUB without the need to have a primary HFS+ partition and startupfiletool it with the bootloader. You can take it from patches here: I applied them (without the EFI part as it's incomplete, I suppose yours is better) to the stock boot-132 and it works flawlessly. It would be great to have both features (working EFI emulation and multiboot support) at the same time.
netkas @ 09.11.2007 05:18 CET
mhm..Nil, any additional info about it ?
how will grub works with it then ?
Nil @ 09.11.2007 06:27 CET
With the multiboot enabled bootloader, you boot it as a Linux kernel from the grub, i.e. you have the "boot" file in a readable partition (ext2/3, reiser, fat...) and boot it via the kernel command (no arguments). The menu entry would be like this:

title Darwin Booter
kernel (hdX,Y)/darwin/boot

Where hdX,Y is the partition where you have a darwin directory in which the boot file is. The only thing u have to do to change the booter is to replace the file, u could also have several versions with different menu entries for testing and such. It also doesn't require u to startupfiletool any partition so u don't need a primary hfs+ partition for it to work (u don't even need an hfs+ partition or darwin installation at all, altough obviously it would be useless but still work).

I could send u a patch that enables multiboot for the stock boot-132 but it's simply removing the EFI part from dfe's patch. I don't think both features are related so maybe the patch directly works with your sources.
jj69 @ 09.11.2007 10:50 CET
Great job Netkas, will have to wait for new HD to test though.
From previous comment, I was wondering whether the multi boot function was available or not ? (I'm curently using Darwin Bootloader to choose between Tiger, Leo and XP at boot time)
Nadeem @ 09.11.2007 10:55 CET
Does anybody have the original Kernel of leopard ?
Ezhoon @ 09.11.2007 13:06 CET
Works great here on Gigabyte DS3 mobo.
I've installed Leo 9a581 via patching/replacing kexts manually the original Apple dmg

You can just boot into single user mode from
a working Tiger or Leopard hard drive
and execute the command.

After reboot, just boot into a working tiger or leopard system and replace kernel with the original Apple one and also replace AppleSMBIOS.kext with the one inside pc_efi_v3 folder and replace Appleacpiplatform.kext with the original one from the official Apple Leopard dmg image (just extract those kexts using Pacifist v2.5.1)
Raul @ 09.11.2007 14:26 CET
Ezhoon, the leopard original Acpiplatform doesn't work for ps2 devices so you lose ps2 mouse and keyboard better use TOH Acpiplatform.

The orginal Leopard kernel does seem smoother on my system, P5B E6300. However unfortunately I get kernel panic if i boot without option -f. Don't know why, so going back to netkas TOH kernel.
Nadeem @ 09.11.2007 17:37 CET
Guys i dont have the original unpatched leo dvd , could anyone here upload the original kernel from the dvd somewhere so i can test it ? thanks.
Nil @ 09.11.2007 21:36 CET
If they haven't changed the packaing method of overwritting cracked files with additional installation packages, you should be able to get the mach_kernel from the installation packages on the DVD (the original ones).
Trini Mon @ 09.11.2007 22:26 CET
Hmm, bootlader patch works...vanilla kernel starts up, but reboots after loading the kexts. Works with any Darwin kernels though, although that's not too useful. Heh!

c2q on a GA-G31MX-S2 board, tried HPET set to 32/62 bit. Not sure where it's bailing on the stock kernel, as it just reboots. Used combinations of 'legacy, cpus, -f, -x, platform, ..'.

Oh well..
Stellarola @ 10.11.2007 00:50 CET
Great work Netkas! Everything is running great for me.
mrjoe @ 10.11.2007 01:17 CET
The readme still talks about removing AppleEFIRuntime.kext... and you said "no need to delete stock kexts". I'm CONFUSED, not DISSATISFIED, just to clarify...
DoctorD @ 10.11.2007 01:49 CET
Great.but hangs on black screen when restarts.
MrD @ 10.11.2007 11:18 CET
has anyone tested this on a P35 mobo with a Quad Q6xxx proc? there is only reference to C2D, and I'd like to avoid crashing my Leo hack
249523705 @ 10.11.2007 17:45 CET
Nadeem @ 10.11.2007 18:29 CET
Source released for 10.5 kernel :
trexplorer @ 10.11.2007 18:44 CET
If u need to restore Darwin bootloader, use the "boot" file from JaS or any other bootable install DVD (single user mode or terminal, both work)

BTW, my Asus P5B deluxe used to slow down and become unresponsive after 30 minutes or so - works great w new efi and Apple kernel ..
trexplorer @ 10.11.2007 18:47 CET
hey Netkas, tried the AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext u posted on irc - No more hpet errors ... thx
Reboot @ 10.11.2007 21:18 CET
Can't reboot now with EFI on Q6600/GAP35DS3R :(

But can sleep with EFI on E6600/P5LD2-VM :)

Any idea for reboot fix ?
Reboot @ 11.11.2007 15:24 CET
what's the MD5 of the stock kernel ?
Jupe @ 19.11.2007 23:44 CET
Hello mate,

Would you be as kind as to send me your efi v 5.1.I would like to try it on my hachintosh with LEOPARD
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