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Common quiestions and answers.

Q: what acpithrotle.kext for? should i install it?
A: it's only for throtling (intel speedstep, amd cool) ur cpu, if u doesn't want to do it - doesn't install it, it doesn't work with vanilla apple kernel

Q: what does vanilla kernel means ?
A: Vanilla kernel is kernel from Original developers, in this case, it's kernel from original apple's dvd or from original dmg, or from macintosh with installed leopard/tiger

Q: do i need dsmos.kext ?
A: yes , u need it for vanila kernel and pc_efi, u doesn't need it for ToH kernel

Q: do i need to use applesmbios.kext from efi_pc pkg if i use efi_pc bootloader
A: this kext offers fixes for system profiles, loginwindow crashes and etc, if u have them. U still can use vanila applesmbios.kext, if u doesn't need this fixes

Q: what cpus can run vanila kernel with pc_efi ?
A: all Core 2 Duo/Quad, pentium e2160 e2140 e2180, all core duo and core solo, celeron 420
Q:if my cpu can't run vanila kernel, can i use advantages of pc_efi?
A: yes, u can use it with ToH kernel, this kernel disable all anti-efi workaeounds if it finds efi

Q:what advantages of pc_efi?
A:U can use vanila appleacpiplatform and smbios, ur pc gets closer to real mac, and geekbench2 shows ur system as mac, not a hack.

Q: do i need hpet for vanila kernel?
A: HPET exists on most modern motherboard, but only HPET on mobos with intel chipsets supported by osx.

Q: what about AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext in leopard?
A: in tiger this kext was making some cpus cooler, but in leo, this kext make cpus hoter, so, i suggest to do not use it.

Q: what is ToH kernel?
A: speedstep kernel from topic of #10.5 channel on network.

Q: Time machine doesn't work/I have error 35, what can i do to fix it ?
A: get fixed (compiled from sources, so legal) IONetworking by zef ,, unpack it and install file:
sudo cp /path/to/unpacked/IONetworkingFamily /System/Library/Extensions/IONetworkingFamily.kext/Contents/MacOS/IONetworkingFamily
sudo chown 0:0 /System/Library/Extensions/IONetworkingFamily.kext/Contents/MacOS/IONetworkingFamily
sudo rm /System/Library/Extensions.mkext
MacOSX will recreate kexts cache, then reboot, Time machine should work now and no more Error 35

Q: Installed PC_efi and trying vanilla kernel on c2d and intel-based mobo, but get reboot after kexts loaded, how can i fix it ?
A: Check No Exectuable (nx/xd) enabled in your bios, otherwise vanilla kernel will reboot.
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willingness @ 10.11.2007 20:44 CET
Will vanilla kernel work with Core 2 Quad?
fantomas @ 11.11.2007 06:10 CET
Of course, the vanilla kernel run on Apple Xserve servers that run Quad core intels.

I like the FAQ, it helps to clarify the situation. Thanks!
miles @ 11.11.2007 07:18 CET
List the known bugs would be better, Thanx!
luxxi @ 11.11.2007 12:40 CET
The same hard disk runs fine on one machine, but hangs for half a minute during boot on another machine. I believe it has to do with the "_CFGetHostUUIDString: unable to determine UUID for host. Error: 35". The machine that hangs identifies as:
Model Name: Mac
Model Identifier: To Be Filled By O.E.M.
Boot ROM Version:
Serial Number: To Be Filled By O.E.M.
The machine that does not hang shows the true manufacturer instead of the OEM crap. Please help.
nano @ 11.11.2007 13:18 CET
Celeron 420 confirmed working :-)
netkas @ 11.11.2007 13:41 CET
this is what ur machine has in smbios fields.
my e.g. is System Product name, System Serial name.
depends on bios.
jwdd @ 11.11.2007 20:35 CET
will my intel pentium Dx2 core work?
Zach @ 12.11.2007 01:43 CET
Could someone upload the Vanilla Kernel and the proper kexts? I have the EFI running fine but I don't have those files...
Zach @ 12.11.2007 04:25 CET
I tried to install mach_kernel from the Brazilmac install DVD (using Pacifist) and just get a black screen and a reboot. Restored my backup, but what should I do? I installed dsmos.kext but still nothing.
TommyKnockers @ 12.11.2007 09:29 CET
dude, u rule.

we need more Common questions and answers pages. plz continue. plz.

thx for your hard work again.
take care your teeth xD
eneville @ 15.11.2007 21:51 CET
been reading lots of insanelymac/osx86 stuff lately, and i can't seem to get a straight answer as to what about a retail leopard dvd makes it unbootable on a standard pc. i know that you can't *install* macos on an x86 bios based pc, but i'd have expected it to at least boot and tell you that, like the older darwin installs.

in any case, is there any way to set pc efi to boot a stock leopard dvd, with pc efi booted/installed on a usb stick?
flere @ 21.11.2007 23:05 CET
What if vanilla panics? Awful panic in EFIRuntime? C2D quad, i956/ich8. I have NX on.
heliox @ 22.11.2007 00:23 CET
Will this work on P4 630 system,please?
macandcheese @ 22.11.2007 01:57 CET
so uh, i'm very much new to this. I have a genuine legit copy of leopard on dvd, what do i do to install it on my intel core2 duo quad cpu pc? it's almost like there are TOO many different tutorials. heads spinning a bit. please help.
Sid @ 22.11.2007 16:55 CET
Will PC-EFI work with a Pentium 4 (Prescott, SSE3)2.8 GHz?
macandcheese @ 24.11.2007 01:18 CET
can anyone lend me a hand? Will efi let me use my legit leopard dvd to install osx on my pc?

I have:

p5k ap wireless mobo
quadcore intel cpu @2.4 ghz
4gb ram
2 sata 320gb hd
1 ide dvd r/rw/dl burner

please assist. any and all help would be incredible.

If someone could perhaps walk me through this or point to very detailed instructions from beginning to ending. As a new comer to the world of hackintosh, it can be a very daunting though exciting experience. Due to the wealth of updates and discoveries, it's difficult to know which to choose from. Once again, thanks for all the incredible work and the generous support to noobs like me.

digital high five coming at ya.

*high five*

Your amigo,

Dorutza @ 30.11.2007 12:00 CET
It´s Pentium 4 HyperThreading processor handled by efi? my motherboard it´s a 925 chipset.
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