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pc efi V4

The only new addition in V4 is added multiboot support with patch from

so, now u can boot logical partitions with grub, and u still can use old method with startupfiletool

more instruction about how to set up bootloader with grub is in Readme.

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Raul @ 11.11.2007 15:42 CET
I tried the new method of booting via grub and it seems to work.

I use EasyBCD to boot XP, Vista, Ubuntu and OSX. The first 3 OSs are on drive 1 and OSX on drive 2. The bootloader is Vista which passes to grub via EasyBCD's Neogrub to boot Ubuntu. NeoGrub is not installed on mbr or any partition but is a file on my Windows root folder.

I made a entry as in the readme in grub's menu.1st. Since the bootloader for OSX is already installed via efi how do I confirm whether the method really works or is grub doing something similar to bios F8 boot up options and booting drive 2?
Raul @ 11.11.2007 15:47 CET
Netkas, Also if you use a logical partition how will you specify it, since you can only select whole drives and not individual partitions, or am i missing something
tiger @ 11.11.2007 15:47 CET
I use grub to boot my Vista+leopard+ubuntu.
pc efi v3 worked good in my nootbook!
Matthew Hird @ 11.11.2007 20:21 CET
netkas, I made a post here - I'm trying v4 and I don't seem to be able to get it to take on the HD. can you have a look and see what you think? thanks very much.

Raul @ 11.11.2007 22:13 CET
ok, I can report the grub method works well with logical partitions too.
This is now by far the most flexible way to boot osx. Keep it up Netkas, Fantastic job with this and the rest of the stuff you have been doing.
Nil @ 11.11.2007 22:39 CET
I had already told you that booting from grub would be cool. Great improvement.
robby @ 12.11.2007 00:22 CET
I have been asking myself if netboot via pxe was also supported. Theoretically, when i look into the darwin bootloader sources (the old apple "boot" package), i see many references to PXE loading. Has this functionality been kept in boot_v4? Could i just point pxegrub to the boot_v4 file and have it load the kernel + kextcache via tftp over the pxe stack? I would so love to netboot my (future) hackintosh...
freelinuxer @ 12.11.2007 00:54 CET
Thanks, netkas.
Do I still need to delete appleefiruntime.kext as I did for v3?
(it's missing from readme that's included in v4.)
zanoni @ 12.11.2007 03:42 CET
I tried with startupfiletool, but it did not work for me. After the boot it stops on the blue screen from the login window. :(
Stephen @ 12.11.2007 03:46 CET
Thanks first.
I tried to use the v_4 pcefi, but after that, it gives me 4-language shutdown screen right after the bootloader.
I did it as per the instruction here.

Please help. Thanks
AaronR @ 12.11.2007 05:26 CET
Requires Intel brand motherboard, not just intel chipset
Ezhoon @ 12.11.2007 05:36 CET
AaronR, that's not true.
Works great on Gigabyte 965P DS3 mobo.

I do have reboot problem though.
Shuts down fine but won't reboot.
Simania @ 12.11.2007 15:03 CET seems to be down with me at least, anybody else having problems????
Matt @ 13.11.2007 14:01 CET
Netkas - I have a theory as to why it doesn't seem to work for me, even though the startupfiletool reports success. I'm using the windows bootloader and chain0 to boot into the darwin bootloader.

Should this work or will there be problems?

Matt @ 13.11.2007 14:03 CET
Netkas - У меня есть теория, почему оно не похоже на работу для меня, хотя startupfiletool доклады успеха. Я использую окна загрузчика и chain0 загрузиться в darwin загрузчик.

Если это работа или Будет ли проблемы?


ps. how good is the google translation? :)
theQMaster @ 25.11.2007 17:55 CET
I think Netkas is Hungarian and not Russian. Let me guess, you're an American :)

I do have similar problems as you. I use windows and chain0 to boot into my OS there.

Now I followed the install notes and I used grub4dos to use the boot_v*

Not of the * version is doing the trick, when I reboot with a plain vanila kernel (10.4.5,10.4.9) my computer reboots during the startup right after getting to the not text graphical mode!

Anyone has an idea ?

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