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PC Efi v5.1

Main advantages of 5.1 - changed smbios kext, which will turn ur pc to a closed to real Mac Pro.
Also fixed multiboot, i forgot to remove hardcoded device . in 5.0 (about grun and bootlaoder)

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coolio2004 @ 16.11.2007 16:25 CET
@netkas Thanx so lot for Efi V.5.1. Now I ve got a MAC PRO with serialnumber!! Great!
dongfeiy @ 16.11.2007 16:47 CET
were can i download it ?
B-man @ 16.11.2007 16:51 CET
I'm a little unclear on the command syntax on the secomnd way to install this. Could you spell it out one more time?
luf @ 16.11.2007 17:08 CET
were can i download it ?
Jamamoto @ 16.11.2007 18:45 CET
Hi guys. I am still don't understand what this PC EFI is doing. :( As I understand with this package I can install apple updates without any additional patches? I have 10.4.10 Tiger version, should I install this Efi V.5.1 and after that update my Tiger to 10.4.11? Thanks for the answer.
zascok @ 16.11.2007 19:21 CET
Here is trexplorer's comment ''@ 10.11.2007 18:47 CET
hey Netkas, tried the AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext u posted on irc - No more hpet errors ... thx''
netkas could you please post AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext on irc once again as I cannot find it on irc. I have hpet errors at leopard booting.
netkas @ 16.11.2007 19:55 CET
no, that kext made cpu hotter by +20C
zascok @ 16.11.2007 20:02 CET
oh I see...
thx anyway!
skn @ 16.11.2007 21:12 CET
Thank you for the fix Netkas! I can boot osx+efi via grub now!
Just a question... How can I change the 2-second delay? Is it possible to hex edit boot_v5 to change that time?
Matthew Hird @ 16.11.2007 21:44 CET
thanks for all your efforts netkas, I finally got it working and am running vanilla kernel etc.

I kept your SMBios tho and it reports the wrong info. It reports my bus as 1.33Ghz(it's running at 1.6Ghz) and reports my proc speed as 16.93 Ghz! I wish!! (it's 3.2Ghz)

any idea why? I'm running a P5K-E.
Cha @ 16.11.2007 23:03 CET
So I tried going onto the server and it doesn't connect with Colloquy. Is there another place to get the EFI bootloader. Would love to try it out on my BX2. Thanks Netkas.
TorqueX86 @ 16.11.2007 23:07 CET
Seriously, people who ask where they can download it need to be kicked in the balls with the heaviest shoes we got.

monoto @ 17.11.2007 03:56 CET
Just in theory ....
It could be possible to utilize Apple's ROM dump routines via Darvin bootloader to access specific apple functions like Target Disk Mode ? Or maybe this is different kind of story.

i luv ya people :]
willowhaven @ 17.11.2007 08:35 CET
Okay...I see "where" to download the file...I can't figure out "how" to download the file. Can someone explain how to download it from the #leopard channel? I am in the channel but can't figure out what command to use to get the file. Thanks!
Thomas Chow @ 17.11.2007 08:53 CET
where I can download v5.0
pm_mickey @ 17.11.2007 16:01 CET
Just discovered how to speed up boot of Leopard on GIGABYTE GA-P35-DS4 motherboard !

Change in BIOS

Integrated Periperals/SATA RAID/AHCI mode to Disabled
Integrated Periperals/SATA Port 0-3 Native Mode to Disabled

And long wait will wanish !
Cha @ 17.11.2007 22:31 CET

Hey fuck face. The server wasn't connecting. Asshole. If it was connecting, I wouldn't be asking for help. Go fuck yourself in the ass you stupid dip shit. All he gave was the fucking server and channel. FUCK YOU for your stupid comment.
hawie @ 18.11.2007 01:59 CET
System Profile with AppleSMBIOS.kext come with EFI5.1 still get crash with AsRock DVI-945G.
I tried the SMBIOS files from vanilla version, ToH DVD version, pc_efi5.1 version, all get crash with vanilla kernel and pc_efi5.1. but ToH kernel works perfectly.

ToH 9.1 kernel report E6300 as Core 2 Duo
ToH 9.0 kernel and Vanilla kernel report E6300 as Core 2 Solo
TorqueX86 @ 18.11.2007 05:41 CET

It is for people like you that I really admire what developers do. You are just a little, little little little insignificant pirate, if you had $1000, which you will probably never see in your little and insignificant life, you would probably never bother with this project and the hard work everyone is putting into it. It is so easy to insult people when you have no clue of what's going on isnt it? Yuo are probably one more of those little american smartasses who until 2 years ago were saying "OMG MAC SUSSSS LOLOL".... Seriously, you are at the very bottom of the human scale. I cant even tell you to grow up because a grown up shit just stinks more.

Fuck you and pray your gods to never meet me in irc.
Mac Pro @ 18.11.2007 07:36 CET
Thanks so much for this netkas, but now it says in system profiler , Model Identifier: Mac Pro , but it says my computers name is Joshua's- p4m800pro, is it suppose to do this ? Isn't my pc's name suppose to be Joshua's Mac Pro? anyways thanks for this, donations on the way !
Blade @ 18.11.2007 09:26 CET
TorqueX86 & Cha can you two take it somewhere else. Yes yes your both the meanest and bad ass's around. No one cares. Sorry but the "meet me in IRC" ooh thats good.. lmao
eLiNK @ 18.11.2007 10:05 CET
thanks a lot for your efforts.

join to on the channel #leopard (tip: read FAQ for mIrc or Trillian)
After joining, look up in the connection protokol for words pc_efi_V51 (tip: tinyurl).

Life is good.
Taruga @ 18.11.2007 11:49 CET
To "Mac Pro" - Go to System Preferences - Sharing and change your computer name.
anankin @ 18.11.2007 13:21 CET
wher i can download this
anankin @ 18.11.2007 13:34 CET
where i can download it
Obi Wn Kenobi @ 18.11.2007 13:51 CET
Anakin, you have gone too far.

Obi Wn Kenobi @ 18.11.2007 13:51 CET
Anakin, you have gone too far.

jose @ 19.11.2007 04:44 CET
Netkas, this patch fix the both core trouble on c2duo dell laptops?
Lord Zev @ 19.11.2007 08:24 CET
This is an excellent tool. Just two questions? There is some problem with 945 chipsets? Or do you need to install Mac OS in a standalone hard disk? Cause i got my OS installed in one of my two primary partitions on a same disk. But it does not load after patch with startupfiletool
maxidus @ 19.11.2007 08:34 CET
Has anyone managed to get EFI and dsmos to function under 10.4.9 vanilla kernel?
Alan @ 20.11.2007 09:12 CET
Got the pc efi v5.1 installed and working perfectly, one question...... can i use Intel speedstep kernal with this ? Thanks Netkas
anankin @ 20.11.2007 17:35 CET
netkas told that we can download efi on , but this site is shout down
anankin @ 20.11.2007 17:52 CET
i cant belive, i found

juhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, thx natkas
ronito6 @ 22.11.2007 03:06 CET
It can be DLed on Limewire now.
Get it before some Trojans it
john scare @ 23.11.2007 21:56 CET
i dont use irc can someone zip the file and does this work with sse2?
cnnn @ 25.11.2007 09:43 CET
Can I compile a install dvd with efi patch so I dont need to patch Brazilmac's ?
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