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Bringing back the order in OSX86

Hey, we got famous. And with fame, good and bad things come, as always.

Since we started a lot of people became interested in our project, but very few know the spirit behind it.

We use our energies, time and money on OSX86 because we love computers. We love to make the impossible real, and we love to explore all the possibilities that modern informatics give us.

We are not, in any possible way, pirates, and we do condemn piracy of Apple products and software as much as Apple itself does.

Developers own legally bought copies of OSX, and so you all should. It costs much less than Windows and it is much better than Windows. Buy it and then play with it, this is the spirit of OSX86, learn about it, become a better person out of this experience!

From this moment forth, we will have a tighter grip onto our IRC channels, no more pirate links or pirate talk will EVER be tolerated. How you obtain your software is YOUR OWN RESPONSIBILITY of adult people.

Apple produces amazing software and amazing computers. Do yourself a favour and support them as we do.

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fordprefect @ 18.11.2007 14:45 CET
Well said, the last thing this project needs is Apple Legal coming down on it. How about updating all the IRC topics to have a warning about this? (not that these people read the topics ;-) )
f41qu3 @ 18.11.2007 17:07 CET
nice post TorqueX86

we all got famous uhuu
damn.. maybe got spies here =P

swag @ 18.11.2007 19:01 CET
I agree and think we should fully support Apple. If Apple were to release Leopard for any hardware I would have easily paid what I paid for Vista Ultimate.

I purchased my own copy of Leopard and have been making changes based off this copy.

I already have a macbook and when I can afford it, I'll be getting a tripped out Mac Pro.

Netkas, I also really appreciate your hard work to help make this available for a pc. I agree that we should all do our diligence to make sure we stay as legal as possible.
magare @ 18.11.2007 19:59 CET
Agree a 100% !!!
We are not THIEVES !!!
I own 11 PC and 2 of them are MACs, but having fun with making MACOSX working on a PC is beyond the normal PC use.
Keep it up, mate!!!
Les Hazelton @ 19.11.2007 03:21 CET
I agree with your comments about supporting Apple. I even bought a copy of 10.4 - none of which would ever run on my x86 based system.

What I wish I could find is a package that would help me make a workable install DVD from the new OS X Leopard disk I have on order.

Maybe something that would make a copy of the disk bootable and then help add post-install patches as the last part of the installer script.

With that, I would never need to search for a pre-patched version I could download and my conscience would feel better also.

If you know of such a package, maybe you could point me to it.
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