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pc efi V4

The only new addition in V4 is added multiboot support with patch from

so, now u can boot logical partitions with grub, and u still can use old method with startupfiletool

more instruction about how to set up bootloader with grub is in Readme.

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Common quiestions and answers.

Q: what acpithrotle.kext for? should i install it?
A: it's only for throtling (intel speedstep, amd cool) ur cpu, if u doesn't want to do it - doesn't install it, it doesn't work with vanilla apple kernel

Q: what does vanilla kernel means ?
A: Vanilla kernel is kernel from Original developers, in this case, it's kernel from original apple's dvd or from original dmg, or from macintosh with installed leopard/tiger

Q: do i need dsmos.kext ?
A: yes , u need it for vanila kernel and pc_efi, u doesn't need it for ToH kernel

Q: do i need to use applesmbios.kext from efi_pc pkg if i use efi_pc bootloader
A: this kext offers fixes for system profiles, loginwindow crashes and etc, if u have them. U still can use vanila applesmbios.kext, if u doesn't need this fixes

Q: what cpus can run vanila kernel with pc_efi ?
A: all Core 2 Duo/Quad, pentium e2160 e2140 e2180, all core duo and core solo, celeron 420
Q:if my cpu can't run vanila kernel, can i use advantages of pc_efi?
A: yes, u can use it with ToH kernel, this kernel disable all anti-efi workaeounds if it finds efi

Q:what advantages of pc_efi?
A:U can use vanila appleacpiplatform and smbios, ur pc gets closer to real mac, and geekbench2 shows ur system as mac, not a hack.

Q: do i need hpet for vanila kernel?
A: HPET exists on most modern motherboard, but only HPET on mobos with intel chipsets supported by osx.

Q: what about AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext in leopard?
A: in tiger this kext was making some cpus cooler, but in leo, this kext make cpus hoter, so, i suggest to do not use it.

Q: what is ToH kernel?
A: speedstep kernel from topic of #10.5 channel on network.

Q: Time machine doesn't work/I have error 35, what can i do to fix it ?
A: get fixed (compiled from sources, so legal) IONetworking by zef ,, unpack it and install file:
sudo cp /path/to/unpacked/IONetworkingFamily /System/Library/Extensions/IONetworkingFamily.kext/Contents/MacOS/IONetworkingFamily
sudo chown 0:0 /System/Library/Extensions/IONetworkingFamily.kext/Contents/MacOS/IONetworkingFamily
sudo rm /System/Library/Extensions.mkext
MacOSX will recreate kexts cache, then reboot, Time machine should work now and no more Error 35

Q: Installed PC_efi and trying vanilla kernel on c2d and intel-based mobo, but get reboot after kexts loaded, how can i fix it ?
A: Check No Exectuable (nx/xd) enabled in your bios, otherwise vanilla kernel will reboot.
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PC efi V3

What's new, since V1 ?
- added fsb detection for intel and amd(testing and not usefull cause modified kernel calculates it anyway)
- fixed issues with appleefinvram.kext - no need to delete any stock efi kexts anymore.
- many other small fixes.
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W00t - released.

Free Image Hosting at
it was done with special version of darwin bootloader !

this darwin bootloader can run even UNMODIFIED apple's original kernels

just replace then few kexts and u have osx86 on c2d-based cpu(P4 needs kernel modifications) and intel hpet mobo without ANY kernel modifications.
other systems requires modified kernel tho :D

release at irc, #leopard topic
don't forget to say thx for Turbo and def also

Update: fsb detection in bootloader for vanilla apple kernel done, it's in #leopard channel, last link
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Few good leopard news. UPDATED

1) leopard kernel, compiled from source, available on irc( #10.5 last link in topic)
what's inside : amd/intel hpet detection and emulation , 64-bit fix for ssse3-less cpus (pentium4 64-bit can now run 64-bit apps!), usual assortiment of fixes, speedstep works! thx to Paulicat

work is going on sse2

2) ATIRadeon2600pro/XT users can grab leo kexts (to make it works) in #radeonhd room, last link in topic

radeon 2600 pro fully works now

also some guys reported he got 2400 to work with ATY_Iago.kext from that pkg(or from tiger).

and btw

Free Image Hosting at
p.s., look at it ^^
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10.4.10 and leopard sources released. new 10.4.10 kernel

After apple released sources for 10.4.10 and leopard, we can enjoy it with 10.4.10 Universal speedstep kernel !

All files(kernel and acpithrotle.kext(by prasys)) on irc as usual
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