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PC efi V5.0 and first benefits of it.

This's bugfix release.
- fixed amds finaly (thx to Dmitrik/Bronya) (amd works only with ToH's kernel, and u should see efi entry in IODeviceTree then)
- fixed multiplier detection for intel cpus with multiplier > 15

that's all.

p.s. u can find us at now, thx to TommyKnockers

p.p.s. fiels still at irc, #leopard

now about first benefits of pc_efi

intel users, with intel-chip based mobos and c2d-based cpus (and core duo and core solo) can install 10.4.11 updfate on their hacks without propblems, just make postupdate patching for ur hardware (e.g. applehda, or for ahci and etc), and u can use it and do not wait for patched kernels.
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TommyKnockers @ 14.11.2007 20:37 CET
dude, you rule
v5 released wow
speedy gonzales.

take care
freelinuxer @ 14.11.2007 20:55 CET
speechless... !
hawie @ 15.11.2007 00:48 CET
good news. but not come with dosmos.kext, still need it?
Raul @ 15.11.2007 02:11 CET
Hey netkas, is that an error in the readme? or is that line after /boot| required

It says:
"./startupfiletool /dev/rdiskXsX ./boot|_v4"

"Shouldn't it be ./startupfiletool /dev/rdiskXsX ./boot_v4"
Tommy @ 15.11.2007 06:53 CET
what can i read as know more in this field?
Stellarola @ 15.11.2007 07:36 CET
Great work Netkas! Thanks for keeping up with this. We all really appreciate everything you've accomplished so far, and will accomplish in the future dev. of this. THANKS!!! :D
me @ 15.11.2007 09:13 CET
I have the same doubts as raul, too. Is it boot|_v4 or boot_v4? :-)
musashi @ 15.11.2007 09:47 CET
guys, switch your brains on before start powering up the PCs!!

of course it's a typo in the readme! With PC_EFI_v5 use:
./startupfiletool /dev/rdiskXsX ./boot_v5
karatsu @ 15.11.2007 11:22 CET
I don't understand one think. I see fix for AMD but your PC_EFI don't allow to boot on normal kernel with an AMD so what is it use for ?
Erhnam @ 15.11.2007 16:17 CET
How much effort would it be to integrate this in a DVD?
musashi @ 16.11.2007 09:47 CET
Netkas: a question. What is it that prevents latest P4 Prescott on an Intel HPET mobo from using vanilla kernel?

latest P4 should have the proper requirements:
- SSE3
- MSR register for max bus ratio (IA32_PERF_STATUS, 40:44bits)

is it just a simple cpuid check that excludes the good ol' P4?
miuzu @ 16.11.2007 11:51 CET
how can i found and download the pc efi v5.0, what is irc?
Roman @ 19.11.2007 15:52 CET
well how i can connect to irc? and what is?
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