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10.5.1 and 10.4.11 r out! updated

u do not need to wait for kernels for it if u have c2d based cpu and pc_efi :D

p.s. ati radeon hd users - backup atindrv.kext b4 udpating and restore it after finishing update (e.g. in single user mode)

p.p.s according to BorisBadenov, apple removed some devid from plists of new gfx kexts in 10.5.1, so jsut add ur devid to needed kext, to get back ur qe/ci

p.p.p.s u can grab compiled 10.5.1 kernel from #10.5 (speedstep/intel/amd/sse3)
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funUncle)) @ 15.11.2007 22:47 CET
for owners Pentium D (925) of series Efi-PC does work?
tryout @ 16.11.2007 00:52 CET
what about GMA950? i hear there are new drivers in the update that don't work. can efi-pc "inject" them properly and make them work so that they don't have to be patched?
TorqueX86 @ 16.11.2007 05:04 CET
It's not that "Apple removed some dev ids", certain dev ids were never there to start with, and just a plist edit won't do this time, Hexedit will do.

Maclovin found an effective way here:
the great deceiver @ 16.11.2007 07:09 CET
gma950 works on my Inspiron 6400 after overwriting AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer.kext with an older one(Jas gma950 package). QE/CI work fine now.
Dave @ 16.11.2007 09:39 CET
netkas, I am going to buy a new Dell machine next week. Which one would you get... a Radeon HD 2600 or a (more powerful) GeForce 8600GTS? I heard the Radeon would be more appropriate for running Mac OS?
Ezhoon @ 16.11.2007 14:49 CET
Just updated to 10.5.1 via software update and I did not touch any kexts in extensions folder.
It's almost like a Mac but one nagging problem:my comp won't reboot! :(

netkas..please look into this "reboot" problem..thanks again for your ground breaking work!!
Proteo @ 16.11.2007 17:16 CET
Netkas, where can I download your 10.4.11 kernel? I can't find it anywhere!
chuuey @ 19.11.2007 19:03 CET
thanks for all the work:D
though after updating to 10.4.11 my machine reboots after loading all the extensions, using the PC EFI v 5.2 on C2D and Intel board, any solutions? I thought all the original Apple kernels will work?
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