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Dual screen with radeon hd 2600 and other Radeon hd news

2900XT workz !

THread with sshots
pkg for 2900/2600pro/XT (10.5.1) is on #radeonhd

Thx to lastExile for experiments.
we got dual-head screen working on radeon hd 2600

no dvi yet, we r working on it

how ?
just replace every Hypoprion word in Info.plist of natit with word Franklin

and get ATY_Franklin.kext from 9a527 leo build and copy iit to /S/L/E/ATINDRV.kext/Contents/Plugins
See screenshot
what it actualy means ?

second port works, and it can help lappies, since second one is a main one

Another news, 10.5.1 update brings new cards support by osx drivers.
Looking at atiradeonx2000.kext i wrote small program which checks devid of radeon hd card in same way as x2000.kext

example of using
$ ./radeonhd_checker 0x94c3
your card is 94C3
Radeon 2400 init :25edb
$ ./radeonhd_checker 0x9489
your card is 9489
BAD init (unsup card?) :25ab1
$ ./radeonhd_checker 0x9589
your card is 9589
Radeon 2600 pro/XT init :26041
$ ./radeonhd_checker 0x9400
your card is 9400
Radeon 2900 XT init
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Dreamaker @ 19.11.2007 01:18 CET
I take cross my fingers to get DVI works!

Tnx for your hard work!
Big respect to you Netkas!
Stellarola @ 19.11.2007 04:07 CET
Right on, I was hoping to get this card once everything gets worked out for it. Mad props as always! :)
taribo @ 19.11.2007 12:29 CET
I see in the screenshot pc_efi_v52 where I can download it? Because with my laptop the old ver doesn't work.

Azurael @ 19.11.2007 19:12 CET
Presumably, that means Franklin is not the FB driver for R600 :(
mdg @ 19.11.2007 19:21 CET
Seems strange that DVI on 2600 is not working, yet DVI works on 2900??

What is the prohibiting factor to get DVI working on 2600...eagerly awaiting this.

I've had to go back to using VGA on my gorgeous 24" LCD and it stinks :(

Keeping my fingers crossed that you can figure out DVI on 2600XT.

roydo @ 21.11.2007 04:21 CET
need help i cant work an 80GB ipod without that 10.5. mac crap so how do i get it?
mb2k @ 21.11.2007 18:31 CET
many thanks for all your work ! ,you are my hero ! .
please try to make DVI work and i will be in your dept forever ....
xingren @ 21.11.2007 23:37 CET
2900 Pro works perfectly with this as well, including resolution change, rotation, all hardware accelaration feattures, DVI. Thank you Netkas!!!
netkas @ 22.11.2007 17:15 CET

make plz ioreg -l -w0 > dump.txt

uplaod dump.txt somewhere and post link to it here

also, make sshots of working 2900pro plz with this app
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