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Leopard Virtualization. Help for companes

There is Companies like Vmware or Parallels, which wanna first to make platform for virtualizing Leopard on mac!

I can help such companies. I Have a code, ideas and knowledgements for this area to make this thing in few months or faster.

If u interested - contact me(better at
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gotoh @ 19.11.2007 18:58 CET
netkas certainly deserves to be hired by VMWARE or PARALLELS ;)
it would be great to have full hardware support in VMWARE (in Windows or Linux) running guest OS X desktop with complete 2D/3D acceleration, just like the OS X conterparts running Windows guest OS
Steve Jobs @ 19.11.2007 23:41 CET
I'd love to talk about it. Please, tell me where I can contact you and what country your IRC server is in. ;)
derausgewanderte @ 20.11.2007 00:46 CET
hey, they will invite you to an interview and not let you go back ;)
netuddmeg @ 20.11.2007 14:12 CET
kellene személyesen beszélni. volna meló kb. nyártól.
Nadeem @ 20.11.2007 14:46 CET
Hey , If you mean Virtualizing Leo on a Windows box , thats not possible ... Vmware attempted to offer this in their vmware suite , and apple prevented them.
netkas @ 20.11.2007 15:44 CET
Nadeem, no , on macs
ukyo @ 20.11.2007 18:00 CET
oh steve jobs :D
netkas @ 20.11.2007 22:17 CET
Steve Must be stupid then, cause whois exists :D
funkboy @ 21.11.2007 00:53 CET
Here's a different take on Apple's attitude towards virtualization:

funkboy @ 21.11.2007 00:56 CET
Netkas, you may wish to take a look at Xensource; they just got bought by Citrix for an enormous pile of cash and have much catching up to do in the market.

Nil @ 21.11.2007 05:10 CET
I think that if Apple modifies the Leopard license so it can be virtualized they will also be licensing the necessary technical documentation to virtualization companies so they can implement it properly.
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