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PS2 fix from def and Updates to faq.

David Eliot(def) made small kext which will fix ps2 devices with stock AppleACPIPlatform.kext

u can grab it herer def page
so, ps2 users now can use it and make software update without much problems with ps2

faq for pc_efi at here updated with info about problems with c2d and intel-based mobos.
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Fire @ 21.11.2007 18:53 CET
I can't seem to find the AppleACPIPlatform.kext on the def page. Can anyone help?
Spelter @ 21.11.2007 19:45 CET
damn, I just bought a USB keyboard to use with Leopard XD
Nadeem @ 21.11.2007 23:03 CET
Cant seem to find anything installable / placeable in the extensions folder..
Nil @ 22.11.2007 02:47 CET
Fire, dfe's kext is intended to make PS2 devices work with vanilla AppleACPIPlatform kext so u can use the one from the original DVD.
Raul @ 22.11.2007 03:28 CET
This appears to be source;ACPIPS2Nub.
You need xcode to compile this or am I missing something. In which case can someone with xcode please compile and post. Thanks.
musashi @ 22.11.2007 10:18 CET
man, this guy (def) is good!
cheops @ 22.11.2007 12:35 CET
Works a treat!
ghie @ 22.11.2007 15:19 CET does;nt load on my web browser.
Mickeyiec @ 22.11.2007 18:08 CET
What should we do with all thoses files ?
please give us the kext
jkg @ 22.11.2007 19:35 CET
where can i find kext.
jkg @ 25.11.2007 07:33 CET
I'm using p5k.This board has one ps2 port,it doe'snt seem to work.Is there any possible way to fix it? I need ps2 keyboard to work.
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